We've built 3 starter themes to help you get up-and-running more quickly. [Download the starter kit]( and unzip it. The files for all three themes are in the `dist` folder. Pick the theme you like best. Download the Starter Kit **Prefer to bring your own favorite CSS boilerplate or framework instead?** That's totally cool! Use [Blackbeard's templating system](/docs/read/your_portal/layout_and_design/Templates) to customize the markup as needed. ## What's included? Each theme includes a unique style and layout. They all include a collection of frequently requested features: - Expand-and-collapse navigation menus on smaller screens. - Optional [Stripe-like documentation]( - Accordion/show-and-hide content areas. - Display the latest blog posts anywhere on your Portal. - Responsive videos for great documentation on any device. - Animated scrolling to anchor links. - Multi-language support. ## Theme Demos View demos of all three themes using the links below.

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