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Create a single member object.  Please see Creating Objects for an overview of how the create method works.

Note that usernames must be unique across all Mashery customers.  Thus, when importing members, any import program must be prepared to deal with a Duplicate Object error due to username conflicts.  Deleting a member object does not free up its username.  This can also lead to Duplicate Object errors.  See Deleting Objects.  Consult with your CSM to reserve an official suffix to resolve naming conflicts.  A suffix is mandatory for Single Sign On implementations.

Additionally, member objects have some fields which can only be set at creation time.  These are marked with a createonly flag in the object.describe results for that object type.



An member object, as described by the object.describe call.  If a field in the member object is ommitted, a default value will be used if possible.  If extra fields are passed, they will be ignored.


An member object, as described by the object.describe call.  This is actual member that was created.


A Sample JSON-RPC Member Create Request

    "method": "member.create",
    "params": [
            "username": "example_username",
            "display_name": "Joe P. User",
            "email": "joe@example.com"
    "id": 1

The JSON-RPC Response

    "result": {
        "created": "2009-12-12T01:05:55Z",
        "updated": "2009-12-12T01:05:55Z",
        "username": "example_username",
        "email": "joe@example.com",
        "display_name": "Joe P. User",
        "uri": "",
        "blog": "",
        "im": "",
        "imsvc": "",
        "phone": "",
        "company": "",
        "address1": "",
        "address2": "",
        "locality": "",
        "region": "",
        "postal_code": "",
        "country_code": "",
        "first_name": "",
        "last_name": "",
        "registration_ipaddr": "",
        "area_status": "waiting",
        "external_id": "",
        "passwd_new": "",
        "object_type": "member"
    "error": null,
    "id": 1

Permissions Required

The user who owns the key used to authenticate the member.create call must be a member of one of the following roles

  • Administrator
  • Program Manager
  • Community Manager

See authentication.


In addition to the standard json-rpc errors and authentication errors, member.create may also return these errors:

HTTP Status Code JSON-RPC Code Error Message Description
400 1000 Invalid Object The object could not be created because the object would be invalid.  See Validating Objects for details on the format of this error.
400 1001 Duplicate Object The object could not be created because an object already exists with the same identifier.
400 1002 Field "x" is required. The object could not be created because a required field was not specified.  A field marked false for optional was not specified.  The error object data will include the name of the missing field.
500 2001 Create Failed The object could not be created.  This is the error message of last resort for object creation and usually indicates a systems integration failure, invalid internal data, or a transient issue.  These errors are logged by Mashery.

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