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Using the Mashery API for your area

Mashery areas created from Q4 2018 are integrated with the TIBCO Cloud. Customers use cloud accounts to log in to Mashery. In turn, these can be SSO accounts integrated with the customer's own identity provider.

It is not possible to use a cloud account to log in to https://developer.mashery.com/ in order to get a Mashery API key/secret.

However, each Mashery area has a service account. The service account credentials are given to the customer.
The customer can use this account to log in to https://developer.mashery.com/ and request a Mashery API key/secret, as follows:
  1. Select My account.
  2. Select Applications.
  3. Select Create a New App.
  4. Complete the form ensuring that you select Issue a new key for Mashery API for V2 + V3 (Basic), then select Register Application.

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