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Customize Terms of Use

Although Mashery provides a default Terms of Use statement, most customers require a customized Terms of Use page. This statement is viewed during account registration, and outlines the legal protection of usage of the API.

Create a Terms of Use Page

To customize your Terms of Use page:

  1. Click the Dashboard link in the upper right corner of your Portal website.
  2. Click the Content tab.
  3. Click New Item, and then click Custom Page.

  1. Click to expand Advanced Options.
  2. At a minimum, enter Api_terms_of_use in the Page Name field.
  3. Under Body, enter your Terms of Use information. Click to toggle between source code and the provided editing tools to format your page.
  4. Under Status, click either Draft or Published.
  5. Click Save.

Terms of Use Link in the Footer

If you wish to provide a link to your Terms of Use information within the footer on your site:

  1. Click Settings.
  2. Click Portal Setup.
  3. Under Footer Links at the bottom of the page, enter the following:
    • Link Name - API Terms of Use
    • Location - Api_terms_of_use

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