TIBCO Mashery API Developer Blog

New Feature - Flushing your Cache

Wow, it was a busy summer.  We have been adding lots of great new customers and for you old timers, we see really healthy volume growth through a large section of the APIs we service.  We've been bursting through volume records every month!  It's great to see and be part of your success.  

I haven't posted a blog entry for some time, so thought I'd mention a small but nice feature add that was released last night for those customers that use Mashery caching services.  In the past, we fully managed your cache.  If for some reason, you needed to flush your cache, we were happy to provide you this support.  However, immediate self-serve capability was necessary since sometimes, you just need to move faster than we can offer through our support function. Now you can!

Your API administrators may navigate to the API Settings tab in the Dashboard and find the new "Cache" tab.  There's a simple flush button that takes affect within 8 mins. Give it a try and let us have your feedback!