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Upcoming User Experience and Feature Name Change: New Developer Management Screens and Roles to Portal Access Groups

At the end of August, all customers currently using the TIBCO Mashery API Control Center will be moved over to the new Developer Management User Experience. You can read more about that new experience here. At that time, there will be a change to the name of a feature, previously referred to as Roles or Custom Roles, which will be re-named Portal Access Groups. This feature gives you, the customer, the ability to define arbitrary role names that can be applied against content, APIs and API Plans in order to ensure that people with said roles only have access to these objects in the developer portal. You can learn more about that feature by exploring the product documentation here. We're re-naming to Portal Access Groups in order to reflect exactly what they are: a grouping of developers for the purpose of exposing different assets - content, APIs and API Plans - to them while visiting the portal.

Coincident with this change will be a new and improved user experience for managing Portal Access Groups. You can see this in action in this short demo video here. Some screenshots are displayed below.

NOTE: if you are currently using the Event Trigger Feature (blogged about here), you should be aware that there has been a slight change to the payload sent across from Mashery to your respective target endpoint. "object_type" is no longer provided; you must inspect the URI path to determine the type of object being passed to your code. If you have any questions, please contact support.