TIBCO Cloud Mashery API Developer Blog

TIBCO Mashery Local 5.3 is GA

TIBCO Mashery Local 5.3.0 is now generally available! 

Standout features
  • Upgraded Configuration Manager and Developer Portal 
    • Content Management System - create, modify and manage portal content
    • Portal Configuration - Manage portal settings including custom footer content
    • Organizations - Build hierarchies to reflect your own organizational structure; assign content and API assets to cleanly separate responsibilities across teams
    • Scheduled Maintenance Events - Plan and schedule maintenance events

  • An Enhanced SDK for Adapters and Processors
    • APIs to access plan ID, package ID and application ID details are now part of the Mashery Local 5.3 SDK
    • Mashery Local SDK based adapters can now be chained with Mashery developed and ported connectors
    • Added SDK access to Memcached Objects
    • Added support for remote debugging of SDK based code
 Additional highlights in this release
  • New and improved CLI commands to list bindings, review component level processes, cleanup old/removed components, and list component versions
  • HTTPS and Credentials support for Elasticsearch log integrations
  • Added HTTP Proxy support for the Mashery Local Installer
  • Mashery Local now fully supports Kubernetes and Docker Secrets for deployment management
  • An improved quick start deployment that now allows you to bootstrap a cluster with sample data for a faster end-to-end experience, along with with the ability to persist data after restarting or shutting down containers
  • Interactive Content-Security-Policy editor that allows you to build a comprehensive, least-privilege content security policy, easily securing your developer portal with a rich, intuitive interface.

The product is available immediately for download on edelivery.tibco.com