TIBCO Mashery API Developer Blog

TIBCO Mashery Local 5.0 is GA

We are pleased to announce that TIBCO Mashery Local 5.0, a cloud-native API gateway, is now generally available!

  • Ultimate control for customers around deployment choices

This release provides flexibility and control to our customers over where and how Mashery Local can be deployed.

The API Gateway can be configured to operate in two modes: hybrid or completely standalone.When Mashery Local is set to operate in hybrid mode, TIBCO Cloud Mashery continues to provide a single pane of glass via the centralized API Control Center for management and analytics. The API Gateway supports deployment in a customer's data center, or cloud environment, to process traffic.

When Mashery Local is set to operate in a completely standalone mode, a new Configuration Manager tool is included to configure API policies, packages, and plans and manage API keys. Customers continue to have access to improved operational intelligence and API analytics via a locally available, and real-time dedicated log service.

  • Optimized for cloud-native deployments, supporting a wide variety of platforms, and orchestration stacks like Kubernetes and Swarm.

The product is available for deployment across a range of platforms: AWS, Azure, GCP and other on-premises environments supporting Kubernetes, Docker Swarm and OpenShift for orchestration tooling. A complete list of supported platforms is available in the release notes

  • Flexible scaling that can tailor to desired API performance characteristics

API Gateway administration teams can flexibly manage and independently scale components that comprise the API Gateway to suit their specific API traffic profile and desired performance characteristics.

  • Faster OAuth token management and synchronization in distributed, highly available environments

This release includes a significantly revamped architecture that drives performance improvements around OAuth tokens synchronization across multi data centers and globally distributed regions.

The product is available immediately for download on edelivery.tibco.com along with detailed installation documentation