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TIBCO Cloud Mashery

TIBCO Mashery is ever evolving and we are proud to announce that TIBCO Mashery has become an intrinsic part of TIBCO Cloud. TIBCO Cloud Mashery is the next step in bringing all of the TIBCO Cloud offerings closer together, giving you, as our customer, a one stop shop for all Software as a Service offerings from TIBCO. 

Our existing Mashery customers will not see this at first, since we are hard at work to ensure that their transition to this new platform is seamless. All our new customers will onboard via TIBCO Cloud, to access, sign up now for our free trial here.

As you can see above, TIBCO Cloud comes with not only TIBCO Cloud Mashery, but also allows you to try and use the following products:

  • TIBCO Cloud IntegrationWherever your applications and APIs are, use your browser to quickly and easily connect to them.
  • TIBCO Cloud Live AppsRapidly create and deliver smart business apps with an intuitive and easy to use low-code platform.
  • TIBCO Cloud MessagingHigh performing web and mobile apps require real-time exchange of information―exactly what TIBCO Cloud™ Messaging provides.
  • TIBCO Cloud Spotfire - A cloud analytics software-as-a-service platform designed for data visualization and discovery. Everything you need is available on the cloud — no installation, just analytics. 

TIBCO Cloud is the one stop shop for all customers using TIBCO's software-as-a-service offerings, and Mashery is now an integral aspect!