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Standard Network (Amazon EC2) Failover to Alternate Network - Update RESOLVED


ATTN Mashery Customers:

Please be advised that the disruption to our standard infrastructure has now been resolved and we are running under normal operations again.  All failed over traffic is once again running on our standard infrastructure (Amazon EC2). 

At approximately 6:33pm PDT, our monitoring services started to report a limited number of issues.  At 6:49pm PDT, the problems became enough to trigger our auto failover services.  Shortly thereafter, Amazon resolved their issues.  Mashery Operations tested the resolution and failed over traffic was routed back to the standard network at 7:36pm PDT. 

Should you wish further information, please contact support@mashery.com or your Client Services Manager.  We apologize for any disruption this may have caused.  

- Mashery Operations


Attn Mashery Customers:

At approximately 6:36pm PDT, we started experiencing sporadic packet loss on our standard infrastructure (Amazon EC2).  All standard and enterprise traffic failed over to our backup alternate infrastructure.  Network DNS entries have 2 minute TTL’s, so some traffic would have experienced timeouts during those minutes.  At this point, traffic is routing well on our alternate infrastructure. 

Premium network customers were not affected.

We will update with more information shortly.

- Mashery Operations