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Rate limit consumption via debug headers

We launched a useful little feature recently that allows monitoring of rate limit consumption.  This is a feature that needs to be be toggled on via a UI option to be available. When this feature is toggled on, all responses returned from that end-point will automatically include a bunch of Mashery generated headers that display information such as allotted QPS, allotted quota, current QPS, current quota as well as time duration left to quota reset. Useful for e.g. if a developer runs out of allotted daily quota and needs to know when the next call can be made against that end-point.

For e.g. with this option enabled, if a developer is making a call using a package key for a package plan that has method level limits specified, below are some headers that would be included into the response by Mashery

Here’s the screenshot of where you would enable this option via Endpoint -> Properties page ( Include rate limit data in response headers)