TIBCO Mashery API Developer Blog

New feature: Call Inspector

We are pleased to announce the general availability of Call Inspector – a tool that will allow you to debug API calls as they flow through Mashery Traffic Manager. With this tool, you are able to respond faster to problems reported by your API users by being able to narrow down issues with their API calls. Additionally with the tool you can gain insight into historical transactions for auditability.  

The feature allows you to turn on call capture (or verbose logging) for a specified duration with all-inclusive criteria or by filtered criteria e.g. specific APIs and end-points, specific status codes etc. Verbose logging is produced for calls that meet the call capture criteria.

The call viewer tool allows you to drill down into each call that has a verbose log available in the system . You can review details such as the call request as it hits Mashery, as its processed by Mashery before being submitted to API back-end system, response as its delivered by back-end system and response as its processed by Mashery. This level of visibility also allows you to drill down and narrow down the problem area and address questions such as whether the issue is due to processors applied for that API end-point or not. Call viewer tool also provides ways to filter out calls for viewing by criteria such as API Key or Package Key so you can zoom in on specific problem calls quicker.


Call Inspector has a number of access control and management features as well.  It's an optional and controlled feature that some users with APIs that have security and privacy oriented requirements may not want to utilize or restrict which endpoints are enabled.  You can control which employees may turn on the feature and for which specific data flows.  You may control which employees may view the log content.  The system also automatically generates notifications to email groups that wish to be informed when the tool is used.  Finally, any service that is marked as requiring high security rules will never be logged by the system period. 

The feature is available for use by all Mashery customers up to a certain consumption level depending on the Mashery plan you are subscribed to. For details on enabling this feature for your area, please contact Mashery Support or your Mashery Customer Program Success Manager