TIBCO Mashery API Developer Blog

New Feature: Inserting Mashery Message ID in Requests and Responses

We launched another improvement with the types of information you may inject into headers this week: Mashery Message ID.  The Mashery Message ID is a globally unique ID (GUID) that we generate for every API call that is processed by our network.  This GUID is a possible mechanism for you to create a golden thread between your partners, Mashery, and your own systems where all parties have a single ID they might use to debug issues.  By all parties having a single ID with which to track an API event, all are able to quickly find the specific log entries or debug output necessary to troubleshoot problems.   

You may toggle this feature on by navigating to the API Settings->Endpoints->Properties page.  There you will find two new options: "Include X-Mashery-Message-ID in Request" and "Include X-Mashery-Message-ID in Response".  This allows you to control whether the GUID is included in the headers of the request sent to your API hosts and/or the response sent to your partners.  By including both, you have the potential to put in place new support capabilities and tools for your teams and have the golden thread.

We hope you find this useful.