TIBCO Mashery API Developer Blog

New Feature: Event Trigger API

We are pleased to announce the release of the Event Trigger API, a new way to integrate your API related business processes and systems with the Mashery platform.  The Event Trigger API makes it easy to connect these business systems, e.g. a 3rd party CRM product, internal data warehouse or custom billing solution, with the Mashery processes and data that drive your API program.  Whether performing custom validation rules to ensure that developers who are signing up to the portal are desired or appropriate to supplementing developer or application data in the Mashery database with information stored in your own system to simply recording the issuance of new keys for applications in a separate, non-Mashery database, the Event Trigger API is a real-time integration tool, allowing you to both streamline processing by forgoing potentially more complex integration paths as well as to generate a better user experience that works in line with your business.

The Event Trigger API is configured through the Mashery Dashboard and authorized individuals pick and chose the business objects of interest and when to receive data and notifications.  There is a simple testing tool that enables you to understand the flow of the data and get you more familiar with the feature.  The API is documented here.  A screenshot of part of the configuration UI is show below.


Please contact support@mashery.com for more information and to have this feature turned on for you.