TIBCO Mashery API Developer Blog

New Feature: Enhanced Cache Reporting and API Distribution Network

We are pleased to announce the general availability of enhanced Cache Reporting, the latest addition to the Reporting & Analytics provided within the API administration dashboard.

API administrators can now drill-down deep into their API programs and visualize the percentage of API responses that are being delivered from the Mashery cache feature or from their backend infrastructures.

Now, API administrators can proactively identify opportunities to unload non-transactional API traffic from consuming their backend capacity and instead leverage TIBCO Mashery’s globally distributed API distribution network. Customers delivering static data or rich-media content like videos, music, articles, etc…, who have optimally configured their use of the Mashery cache feature would see improvements to their API response times and, for any mobile-deployed products, a seemingly “faster” end-user application experience as data is transferred in less time.

The new reports provide a "birds-eye view" across Packages, Plans, API’s, Endpoints, Methods and developers. Each drill-down perspective contains a pair of reports for an overall assessment and a time-trended assessment of how the Mashery cache feature is being utilized. A key benefit of this deep visibility into cache utilization is the potential for our customers to influence internal discussions on how to improve the backend infrastructure with respect to the indicated traffic trends for APIs, endpoints, and methods.

When filtered, the report data tables transition smoothly to become an interactive data visualization for further inspection and insight generation.

The new reports are available for all customers who have the cache feature enabled and can be found within the Reports tab of the Administration dashboard at the following location: For a selected Package or Service > System Status > Cache.

Please see the screenshots below depicting this exciting new feature in action!