TIBCO Mashery API Developer Blog

New Feature: Distributed API Management

We are super excited here at TIBCO Mashery to announce the release of our new feature: Distributed API Management. The feature adds group-aware role based access control to the Mashery product. Distributed API Management will allow users to create multiple organizations within the Control Center. Different assets such as Users, APIs and Packages can be assigned to an organization and managed independently of each other. Depending on which organization a user belongs to and what permission he or she has, they will be able to perform certain operations and view certain assets. Currently we have the roles of Admin, API Manager, Community Manager and a Reports User within an organization that can be assigned to a Control Center User.

We have also provided a new way of grouping developer users and controlling the access settings for these users. There is a new group called Portal Access Group that can be created for each organization. Users with access to Portal, typically developer users can now be added to the Portal Access Group. Plans and IO Docs can be added to the Portal Access Group. Users in a given Portal Access Group will get access to the Plans and IO Docs in that group when they log into the Portal.

Please contact customer support if you need the feature to be turned on for your area or want to learn more. Below are a few screen shots that go into a bit more detail on how the feature is designed and how it can be used. You can also view a recorded demo here.