TIBCO Mashery API Developer Blog

Mashery Proxy Support for GZIP

A small but valuable feature was released this week and is available for all clients. The Mashery Proxy service now supports gzip.  This feature has two control options.  Firstly, developer applications may submit calls with HTTP gzip content-encoding directives and the proxy service will pass these through to our customer API endpoints. 

Secondly, we have an option to force gzip compression between Mashery and our customer APIs.  This second option is valuable in situations where the API response size is large, performance may be improved via compression, and you cannot control whether developers are using gzip content-encoding directives.  With this option, by endpoint, we force compression to occure between your API and Mashery so at least performance between us is improved, which may translate into overall performance improvement for your developers and may reduce some of your capacity needs.

Send a mail off to support@mashery.com should you wish to enable it or ask questions in our forum about this feature.