TIBCO Mashery API Developer Blog

Mashery Local Version 1.3 Released!

With the growth of APIs as a true source of business transformation, Mashery continues to be witness to a growing number of customers leveraging the power and simplicity of Mashery’s truly multi-tenant API management platform. In addition, a steadily increasing number of our customers are benefiting from the flexibility of Mashery Local – the on-premise version of Mashery’s Traffic Manager that can be deployed in their own data-center

We at Mashery, are dedicated to continuously improving Mashery Local based on your feedback and are pleased to announce the availability of Mashery Local version 1.3. Some useful additions to this release:

  • JMX Service Monitoring: You can now monitor your Mashery Local instances using a JMX based service. A Mashery Local administrator can enable the JMX based service and you can monitor securely (after importing the necessary SSL certificate) using your favorite JMX compliant monitoring tool.
  • OAuth Accelerator: Our OAuth Accelerator now includes an API within Mashery Local so you no longer need to call out to our Cloud API.
  • LDAP Enhancements: While we have had support for LDAP based authentication in our previous Mashery Local releases, this release allows for user-objects and PAM filter based rules for your LDAP authentication
  • Upgrade Ease: This release provides more flexibility in upgrading additional components of the solution via the Cluster Manager UI, greatly reducing the need of requiring a new virtual instance deployment in the future.

For customers with a Mashery Local license, please contact us at support@mashery.com to obtain the image and release notes.