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Mashery Local 2.2 Released !

Mashery Local 2.2,  with new and improved tools for Mashery Local Operations and Support staff is now available ! With this release, tools are available to assist with debugging any issues with API calls as they flow between client application, Mashery Local and your API back-end system . In addition, tools that help gather diagnostics and address Mashery Local configuration issues are also available

The tool to introspect API call data is enabled via a simple control on the Mashery Local Cluster Manager UI interface. For the duration this is enabled, Mashery Local will produce verbose call data logs that can be written out to a local location or a shared NFS location. The tool has an auto shut-off capability when the timer expires.

Each API call produces a directory that is stamped with the Mashery Message ID – a globally unique identifier for each call that flows through Mashery. If you are not familiar with using Mashery Message ID in your request /response headers to create a golden thread between your partners, Mashery and your back-end systems, see this post. Using this GUID, your support staff can quickly drill down to the call logs for the problem API call.

For each API call’s verbose data logs, you can review details such as the call request as it hits Mashery, as its processed by Mashery before being submitted to API back-end system, response as its delivered by back-end system and response as its processed by Mashery. This level of visibility into call data helps address questions such as whether the issue is due to the processors applied or the API back-end system.

Apart from this verbose call data logging facility, this release also includes a debug utility made available via a command line console. The debug utility provides several options to the user, some come in handy when you need to gather Mashery Local system health information to diagnose common system configuration errors on Mashery Local. Other options are useful to resolve some issues identified as an outcome of the diagnosis.

For customers with a Mashery Local license, please contact us at support@mashery.com to obtain the image and release notes.