TIBCO Mashery API Developer Blog

Busy Summer

September 7, 2008

Here in San Francisco, we're just coming out of our usual foggy summers and are headed into the beautiful weather period where the fog makes way for blue skies every day.  We took advantage of those foggy summer days and worked really hard to release cool new features and get some great customers up and running with their API programs.  Speaking of customers, in the coming month, you'll see some API launch announcements from some more pretty great new Mashery clients.  But I digress (can't help it, we're really excited). 

So what have we been up to these past six weeks since launching our new CMS?  Tons.  Here's a break down of new features that have been released:

  • Protocol Translation - built a feature that allows us to more quickly extend your API with additional protocols so your developers can code to their preference without you needing to build it yourself.  Have a SOAP API already but want REST or XML/RPC? Call us.
  • oAuth - we can help you if you don't want to build oAuth support yourself.  We'll generate, manage and validate your user access tokens.  This standard is becoming more popular and is a great way to protect your customers' sensitive data.
  • Email Notification Settings - if you haven't seen it already, log into the Dashboard, navigate to Settings and then the Notifications tab. Add yourself to the bcc: anytime a developer signs up or registers for a key.  Or customize the email content that is sent to your developers during registrations.
  • Application Registration Form Flexibility - more easily add or remove fields from the application and key registration pages.

Last but not least, our reporting team has been cranking the hours all summer working on our exciting new reporting platform.  We have some final kinks to work out, but it's getting very close now.  Have a sneak peak at method level reporting for a single developer... we hope you like it!