API Sandbox

API Testing Sandbox

The Mashery API is a read/write API.  As such, we're providing a sandbox environment which you can use to make test calls without impact to your production data.  The sandbox is an empty version of your production site (no content or your API definitions, just a few Members with administration).  We strongly encourage you to utilize the sandbox environment before attempting to interact with the production endpoints. 

Sandbox Data is Transient

You may either use the Mashery API to create seed data in the sandbox for long lived development/test cycles, or create content by hand in the user interface.  Note: the sandbox database will be purged occasionally so please do not become dependent on the data you insert into this environment.

Sandbox portal

The sandbox will have a portal domain for use in conjunction with API testing.  Your CSM can give you the url that your testing portal is located at.

Differences Between Production and the Sandbox

  • Callbacks are disabled on the sandbox
  • Extension pages are disabled on the sandbox
  • Reporting is disabled on the sandbox
  • Your service definition content is available, but the services themselves are not active in the proxy
  • 3rd party email notifications are disabled on the sandbox
  • Username availability can be different between production and the sandbox

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